"Our parents and grandparents have different nutritional needs as they mature.  I am glad to know that their meals are naturally low in salt, sugar, fat, and cholesterol."  Karen L.

"Having a two-income household gets pretty busy for us, but we don't cut corners.  Our delivered meals are fresh, nutritious, and local.  We're so happy to fuel our bodies (especially our little girl) with from-scratch cooking that is free from all the toxic food chemicals."  David A.

"So thrilled to eat ethnically-based, DNA foods!  Our blended family has a variety of nutritional tastes!"  Omino D.

"These meals are so powerfully connected to my ancestors.  I feel the spiritual strength in each meal.  Finally,  some delicious down-home meals!"  James M.

"Long-term fast-food eating, pre-packaged convenience foods, and frozen foods caused many health problems for me.  But, I'm blessed to be back on track and joining the lifestyle movement of Back 2 Basics Meals with yawl"  Cheryl L.

"When I work out in this urban jungle, I only fuel my system with the best.  And, nope.  No fast food in this temple (L.O.L.)"  Devon T.

"Never in my lifetime have I ever tasted a sweet potato pie like Jotts Kitchen.  I've tried every pie in all the stores.  Nothing can replace that fresh-from-the-oven taste.  Being diabetic I have to watch my glucose levels.  My glycemic index numbers never moved!  All-natural desserts are the only ones to purchase.  Now, I can enjoy a little treat every now and then without worrying about my levels spiking"  Lu B.

"Oh. My. God!  I must admit that I need a little chocolate fix every now and then.  But, the Blu' Black Triple Chocolate Cake is seductive!  It was so moist, chocolatey, and it stayed fresh for 3 weeks!  The store-bought brands are history.  There's a big difference in flavor when it's delivered fresh, warm, and free of chemicals."  Paula B.

"Maintaining my rural, country roots while attending a university in an urban city is a lifestyle for me.  I didn't have to settle for fast food.  I'm thankful  knowing that Jotts Kitchen serves down-home, from-scratch nutritious meals."  Darla T.