(A small, but MIGHTY commUNITY!)

     Our History...Our Foundation ("Still 100% Family Owned, Operated, Funded, and Member Focused!")
Our roots run deep! (Four generations of from-scratch cooking by family cooks in the U.S.A.).  Forty years ago, Jotts Kitchen's roots sprouted from humble beginnings in a rural small town by agricultural farmers, teachers, authors, musicians, health practitioners, artisans, gardeners, entrepreneurs, and expert cooks.  During that time, our lifestyle movement catered to communities in need by offering local, naturally-grown, farm-fresh meals from scratch.  By continuing to honor and embrace this tradition of Back 2 Basics Meals™ seasonal eating and Back 2 Basics Living™ through our non-profit (Deuw Lulang-Ford Foundation), it has made us who we are today.  Then...and now, we continue cooking our meals the old-fashioned, wise ancestral way; proud torchbearers of conscious cooking to retain nutrient-packed, DNA compatible, energy-fueled Fountain-Of-Youth foods.  Our Brands (Back 2 Basic Meals, Yawl™ & Mama Lu' and Papa Deuw Legacy Desserts™) are the heart of every batch of raw ingredients we mix and soul of every meal we cook.  Even the U.S.D.A.'s newly-created "MyPlateProgram" follows the intelligent food and agricultural methods of our wise African AND American ancestors.   You only have to look at our short ingredient lists to know and understand our values, morals, and ethics as a Food Processor and Distribution Company.  Since our inception, Jotts Kitchen's reputation has been built upon our treatment toward our members, employees, communities, and environment; one without the other is NOT an option.

                                                                 Art 'N Science In Motion

          When we cook your meals, they're prepared from our Food Processor and Distribution KITCHENS, not a LAB or assembly-line factory; it's the way Mother & Father Nature intended from Plant 2 Plate™.  And, we do it without a fast-food concept and without ANY synthetic chemicals.  We take pride in preparing meals that are as unique and different as our thumbprints.  And, as always, we look forward to rolling up our sleeves and manually handcrafting your just TASTES better this way!     

Our Legacy Continues...

          Our sole meaning, purpose, and commitment for existing and launching Jotts Kitchen Corporation and our non-profit (Deuw Lulang-Ford Foundation) is about cultivating and sustaining real households, housewives, and from-scratch meals.  We will continue preserving the life-long necessity of from-scratch meals, culture, volunteerism, reading, writing, great music, health & wellness, and appreciating Mother and Father nature and their creatures.  All these things SUSTAIN LIFE.  They bring families, friends, co-workers, strangers, and communities together.  We must nurture these sacred values, so that the next generation won't live without them.  It is our belief that many problems can be solved around the world such as encouraging the good in discouraged hearts, peacemaking, and family spirits lifted; all over a Jotts Kitchen meal.  Jump-start your Journey with Jotts Kitchen's Brand (Back 2 Basics Meals, Yawl!™).  When you taste a Jotts Kitchen meal, your experience will be a memorable one.

Welcome To Jotts Kitchen...It's A Lifestyle, Yawl!