Forty years ago, Jotts Kitchen's   roots started from humble beginnings in a rural, small town.  During that time, our lifestyle movement catered to communities in need by offering local, naturally-grown, farm-fresh meals from scratch.  By continuing to honor and embrace this tradition of back-to-basics eating, it has made us who we are today.  Since our inception, Jotts Kitchen's reputation has been built upon our treatment toward our members, employees, communities, and environment; one without the other is NOT an option.

When we cook your meals, they're prepared from our KITCHEN, not a LAB or assembly-line factory.  And, we do it without a fast-food concept and without ANY synthetic chemicals.  We take pride in preparing meals that are as unique and different as our thumbprints.  As always, we look forward to rolling up our sleeves and manually handcrafting your meal...it just TASTES better this way!

We believe many problems can be solved around the world such as discouraged hearts encouraged, peacemaking, and spirits lifted; all over a Jotts Kitchen meal.  When you taste a Jotts Kitchen meal, we hope your experience is a memorable one.

Welcome to Jotts Kitchen...it's a lifestyle, yawl!


"Jotts Kitchen is a shining example of classic, old-fashioned meals made from scratch!  And, they're not trying to over-inflate their menu to impress you with countless variety; they prefer to use outstanding ingredients in tried-and-true preparations.  It's exciting to see their dishes change seasonally, which makes it a treat for me, my family, and my co-worker potluck events.  I've recommended this catering  food-delivery company to all my friends and colleagues!"

Sherri Johnson

ASU University